Ortas International Group

Swiss company founded in 2012. We manufacture and distribute homeopathic drugs, dietary supplements, natural products.

Homeopathic Drugs

Our homeopathic-biotherapic drugs for human and veterinary use are obtained from biological sources

Our Homeopathic Drugs

products to support 
healthwell-being and quality of life

We produce and distribute homeopathic drugs, dietary supplemets and natural products formulated according to the latest scientific knowledge.


Psychoneuro-endocrin-immunology (PNEI) teaches that the continuous and correct bilateral exchange of messages between nervous system, hormonal system and immune system allows maintaining the homeoatatic balance and therefore health and well-being.

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Our homeopathic drugs for human and veterinary use are obtained from biological souces. For the production we collaborate with authorized laboratories, provided with the most modern technologies to guarantee the absolute quality of the final product.

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Our dietary supplements are of high quality standard both for the certified ingredients and for the production process subjected to the controls required by the Good Manufacturing Standards (GMP).

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Our mission is the research, formulation, distribution of products to support health, well-being, quality of life, according to holistic vision where the psycho-physical balance is essential to prevent and combat the diseases


"Your wellbeing is our purpose."


The active ingredients of the products are tested for quality control before production process, which follows GMP guidelines (Good Manufacturing Practice). Each phase is monitored and documented by validated control methods to guarantee high quality of the final product.

HIGH QUALITYCertified and Controlled Natural Ingredients

GMP CERTIFICATIONConformity to good manufacturing rules

HIGH STANDARDof final products

RELIABILITYto satisfy quickly the customer's requests

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