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The strong link between mind and body for well-being and health

The Psycho-Neuroendocrine-Immunology (P.N.E.I.) studies confirm that the medical science must take into account the link between mind and body, understood as inseparable unity because the psychic factors influence health and course of the diseases.

In fact, several studies in the world have shown that stressful events, as severe emotional trauma, influence the Immune System and improve  the development of mental, degenerative, autoimmune diseases.

La nostra visione della medicina

Homeostatic balance.

PNEI teaches that the balanced bidirectional exchange of messages between nervous, hormonal and immune systems is necessary for the homeostatic balance and therefore for the health and well-being.

The importance of rebalancing the Immune System.

PNEI has introduced a new method of therapeutic approach aiming in the first place to reset the Immune System, which with its complex defence means (Innate Immunity, Acquired Immunity) is the primary and absolute guardian to prevent and combat infections and diseases.

Importanza della medicina integrata


It is a therapeutic strategy to improve the individual health and well-being.

Integrative Medicine combines complementary medicine with conventional treatments and takes account of the whole subject to propose an individual and personalized therapeutic strategy. The aim of integrative medicine is to promote the good quality of life and well-being.

Integrative Medicine is particularly useful for patients with chronic and degenerative diseases, where the improvement of symptoms is already a positive result for the psychological state and quality of life, including also community and environment where they live.

It is important the interaction between prescriber and patient, which must not consider a "case" to be treated, but a living being with emotions and sentiments.

Homeopathic drugs and dietary supplements have been formulated with this vision of the Medicine.


The homeopathics drugs and dietary supplements of
Ortas International Group

Homeopathics drugs.

The principles are bacterial lysates (Nosodes) and according to the Dynamized Micro-Immunotherapy (Julian O.A. La Materia Medica dei Nosodi. Treaty of Dynamized Microimmunotherapy. Ed. Nuova IPSA, 1996) they support the defense system to improve the homeostatic balance.

Micro-Immunotherapy of bacterial Nosodes supports the Innate Immunity and its non-specific defense activity. The bacterial souches are authorized by the European, German, French, English, American Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia.


Dietary supplements.

Dietary supplements supply the nutritional support for metabolisms altered by disease or drugs, "to improve the normal organic functions or to decrease the risk factors of disease".

(Italian Ministry of Health. Codex for the correct use of dietary supplements.2019)

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