The Great Little Arthur

The Great Little Arthur

Arthur is our first and only pet, he is with us since 13 years, he is a Yorky of about 2 kg, he never had health problems, he eats healthy and is always lively and playful.

On October 2019, he was completely lying down, motionless without any reaction ... fulminant Lymphoma with a few days to live.

A dear friend had informed us about your immunostimulant homeopathic drug and (sincerely with very little hope considering the diagnosis) we administered it together with three food supplements and cuddles h/24 for day.

After only 2 days the improvements were already evident, and each day more and more until he recovered his normal "being".

Arthur is not healed, for miracles there are other ways, but Ortas and science have already gifted us one month of HIM.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, we will never finish thanking you.

"When you get a dog spoil him, spoil him to death, because you can have dogs as many as you want during your life, he will only have you in his life."
Thank you Arthur for choosing Us....

Francesca and Riccardo

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