EraViral Food supplement for our defences against Coronavirus

EraViral Food supplement for our defences against Coronavirus



Food Supplement of Vitamine D and dry extract of South African Geranium and Licorice, whose studies show a possible defence against flu viruses and Covid19

Unique and original formula based on the published studies  in the International Scientific Journals

What the product is for:

  1. To help the resistance against Coronavirus, as flu and Covid19
  2. To support the natural defences against the infections of respiratory system
  3. To combact the symptoms of respiratory diseases (cough, cold, sore throat)

Pack of 60 capsules

Recommended use: 1 capsule a day during the months of seasonal change

Price: € 28,05

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What are the components of EraViral:

Vitamina D

It has the function to support the Immune System. According to recent studies, vitamin D promotes the resistance to Covid19. Low levels of Vitamin D increase the risk of infection: the people infected with Covid19 regardless of age have on average low levels of Vitamin D. A study by the University of Chicago Medicine published in May 2020, in 468 patients examined shows the relation between vitamin D deficiency and the likelihood of contracting Covid19: patients with low levels of Vitamin D were twice as likely to be positive for the virus as those with normal values of the same vitamin.

Of 20 countries in Europe, the populations of Italy and Spain are the ones with the lowest average levels of vitamin D, and compared to other European countries they recorded the highest mortality caused by Covid19 during the peak period of the pandemic.

Pelargonium sidoides

Geranium of South Africais the most studied plant to fight viral infections.

In EraViral we use Pelagon-P70®, extracted from the root of the plant and imported directly from South Africa, in compliance with EC rules, non-irradiated, non-GMO, with titrated and standardized active ingredients. For the immunostimulant and anti-inflammatory properties, South African Geranium has been registered in Europe as  medicinal plant against acute respiratory tract infections. The studies show antiviral properties against Covid19 and influenza viruses. The extract appears to prevent the virus from penetrating the cells of the respiratory mucosa, preventing its replication and diffusion. 


In EraViral we use the extract of the plant root, whose active ingredient is Glycyryzine, whose studies show the action of immune stimulation against the replication of particular viruses: influenza, SARS, Covid19, HIV, hepatitis C, Herpes.

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