EraViral Communication

EraViral Communication

We are preparing for the arrival of the cold season.  Are you ready ?

Have you thought about how to help your defense system, how to deal with the usual seasonal influence and the possible new wave of Covid19 ?

We have thought about it!


From October 2020, the new dietary supplement "EraViral", specially formulated to help the immune system defend against virus attack, including influenza virus and coronavirus associated with SARS and Covid19, will be available.

EraViral has been formulated thanks to the collaboration between the scientific committee of ORTAS INTERNATIONAL GROUP-Switzerland and TGD (Targeting Gut Disease)-University of Bologna. It contains natural principles whose function to support the immune system is proven by studies also carried out on humans and published by major scientific journals.

For information on the product do not miss the 'NEWS' page of our website

We would like to point out that the supplement must not and cannot be considered a substitute for vaccines or specific pharmacological therapies.

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